Dear Adobe: Top 100

  1. (+308) Why does the Acrobat Reader take two minutes to launch, and require updates twice a month, just to display PDF pages? #289
  2. (+291) adobe reader takes too long to open PDFs #242
  3. (+279) Let me keep my browser open while you update your programs. Or eat hair. The choice is yours. #532
  4. (+278) please stop bloating each new release of Adobe Reader with unnecessary crap. 200MB+ for reading PDF's? puuhh-lease. #927
  5. (+266) Please stop annoying me with installer updates when all I want to do is view PDFs in my browser. #406
  6. (+263) Please create an installer that puts your software on my computer in less time than it takes to install an operating system. #403
  7. (+262) please cut out the DRM crap, and price your products reasonably. #70
  8. (+261) I really don't want a 'My eBooks' folder. Please ask first. #524
  9. (+261) Please update your Updater so that it won't take 110% of my CPU just to download some files. #593
  10. (+259) Stop creating new features and make your software fast, stable and straightforward. #113
  11. (+257) please don't set Acrobat to be the default pdf viewer every time it gets updated. It's massively slower and clunkier than preview, and I don't want to use it. #271
  12. (+256) Why does Photoshop cost as much as a pre-owned small car? Drop the price please!! #215
  13. (+253) Why does the updater only run when I launch an Adobe program? If I'm *launching* an Adobe program, it means I'm *about to do something*, which is the LEAST convenient time for Adobe to tell me to quit all my programs (including Firefox and Outlook) so it can run the updater. Grr... #319
  14. (+252) Lower your prices #87
  15. (+252) Could you make Adobe Reader start up slower? I'd like to have enough time to go get a sandwich before I read a one page document. #614
  16. (+250) Please fix your update system. I am tired of constant requests to run patches that won't install. Acrobat is a fucking nightmare. #195
  17. (+250) For the next version, please could you stop adding features and work on performance and stability instead? #381
  18. (+249) Sort out your god-awful installers. WHY do I need to close my BROWSER when installing a graphics application? I'm using it, dammit! Not least to give me something to do while eons pass and your installers dawdle along. #32
  19. (+249) Your installer is the worst piece of software on the planet... well, actually, your updater is worse. For the love of all things good, fix it. #505
  20. (+248) Skip CS4. CS3 does everything we need for now, and no one is going to catch up with you, not even Quark. Instead of forcing another version down our throats bloated with unnecessary features, you could instead take some time to make a new version that focuses on stability and performance. #161
  21. (+246) Get your fucking installers sorted out. Why do i need to CLOSE MY BROWSER to install a graphics app? I'm doing shit with my browser, you know, during the tedious wait for your installer to finish. #30
  22. (+244) Make my 2009 Photoshop faster than Photoshop 3.5 #400 / View Correction
  23. (+242) Give up on Updater. There are far better (read: less obnoxious) ways to update an app. #175
  24. (+242) Please make a lightweight version of the pdf reader #668
  25. (+241) why should a PDF reader need to connect to the internet whenever it feels like it and have start-on-boot components that evidently do nothing since disabling them has no noticeable effect? #177
  26. (+239) The world is global now. Please fix your pricing. Thank you. #452
  27. (+238) Why is Adobe Reader using more RAM than Supreme Commander? #156
  28. (+232) Please stop forcing your PDF plug-ins into every orifice of OS X. Apple designed Preview for a reason. Fucking deal with it. #516
  29. (+231) Please kill the retarded Adobe Downloader, it's 2008 #701
  30. (+230) Quality is better than quantity. #891
  31. (+229) Better font browser in Photoshop, please? #224 / View Correction
  32. (+229) Could you please make your updater application _not_ suck and take up all of my processors /and/ make me shut down all of my browsers? #521
  33. (+227) Stop adding features. Focus on stability, speed and removing bloat. #475
  34. (+227) slim down Acrobat Reader in to something more like Foxit Reader #724
  35. (+226) please either make the vector tools in Photoshop work like completely like Illustrator, or just leave them out. Their half-assedness is aggravating. #511 / View Correction
  36. (+225) remember when your applications were lightning fast? I miss that. #419
  37. (+224) Please read and consider everything written on this website. It's for your own good #110
  38. (+224) Adobe Updater is the single worst piece of software I have ever seen. Please fuck off with that. #362
  39. (+223) You know what would be nice? Finally standardizing the interface between ALL of your applications. #19 / View Correction
  40. (+223) Please read this website. #398
  41. (+222) please don't copy microsoft's naming and bundling conventions. I want CS3 not CS3 pro, CS3 pro advantage, CS3 pro plus, CS3 no frills, CS3 pro max, CS3 pro extra pro max... #366
  42. (+222) Why do you install six "helper" applications in the background when all I want is Photoshop? Keep your Bridge to nowhere the fuck off my system. #602
  43. (+219) Stop bundling crap with Reader - I don't want AIR installed unbeknownst to me! #555
  44. (+219) Your updater sucks. Make it, perhaps, suck less. #864
  45. (+218) Why do you think it's reasonable for your updater to steal focus while I'm typing and interpret my keystrokes as approval to reboot my machine? #789
  46. (+218) Please lower your prices #933
  47. (+217) Flash Player needs to perform the same on Mac as it does on Windows. Crazy idea, right? #857
  48. (+215) Please stop raising your upgrade prices. I'm sick of paying for your merger. #487
  49. (+215) Please stop keeping the PC and Mac versions separate. One combined version, one license. How hard is that? #950 / View Correction
  50. (+214) Please make photoshop give my ram back when I quit #354 / View Correction
  51. (+213) please sort your installers out. I can't believe the byzantine kludge you make of my lovely clean file system. Applications/ and /Library/Application Support/ should be all you need. #115
  52. (+213) Don't make VersionCue integral to Photoshop so the 98% of us who don't know what it is and the 25% of us for whom it doesn't work and won't update don't have to put up with it #625
  53. (+211) can Photoshop and Illustrator (and InDesign, etc.) please just work the same? Same guides, same text tools, etc. #36 / View Correction
  54. (+211) Why oh why is such garbage? It's 2008 already - why do I need to close Safari so you can update InDesign, exactly? #343
  55. (+211) I didn't ask for Bridge to install with CS3. #1111
  56. (+210) Your updaters suck. And Acrobat's bloatware. #264
  57. (+209) Please remember that some of us are starving artists and don't have hundreds of dollars to shell out on your products every year! Try to make it reasonable to stay on top of technology!! #304
  58. (+209) Please sort out the rubbish auto-update feature of Acrobat Reader. #346
  59. (+208) give the same keyboard shortcuts to the same functions no matter what app. if you say you're going for consistency, then be fucking consistent. #294 / View Correction
  60. (+208) Please use a proper installer so I CAN install your updates. #479
  61. (+207) Why oh why is such garbage? It's 2008 already - why do I need to close Safari so you can update InDesign, exactly? #45
  62. (+207) please, please, please make all the shortcuts in all your applications the same. is it really that hard? #93 / View Correction
  63. (+205) Please stop telling me Acrobat has been updated and I need to restart. #288
  64. (+205) Why is your software so hideously overpriced? #638
  65. (+204) Why are your products so friggin' expensive? #245
  66. (+204) Lower your pricing already. #570
  67. (+203) i love you but you're expensive #14
  68. (+203) Why the hell do I need both "Adobe Help Viewer 1.0" and "Adobe Help Viewer 1.1"? This is the laziest excuse for terrible programming imaginable. At least make an effort to hide your incompetence. #637 / View Correction
  69. (+201) charge less. #72
  70. (+200) Enable auto-recover for Photoshop, so when it inevitably crashes for the 9th time today I can get back to the corporate schlock I was working on. #28 / View Correction
  71. (+200) Please make your applications consistent. #101 / View Correction
  72. (+200) Why do you cost so much ... #252
  73. (+200) Shop #19613
  74. (+198) Please rationalise you prices around the globe. $99 to update to Lightroom 2 is not 99 Euros. Be fair to those who use your products outside the US. #952
  75. (+197) Your Installation programs take WAY too long to work. #218
  76. (+196) just because i installed acrobat does not mean i want it installed in my web browser - my computer, my choices - douchebags #676
  77. (+196) Please lower international pricing - why do we have to pay more than 100% more than US customers. Even online! #956
  78. (+195) Please stop installing two hidden Opera browsers with the CS suite, I have enough browsers. Oh, and please let me run those other browsers while you are installing or updating something. #518
  79. (+195) International customers should be charged the exact same price for Adobe software purchased and downloaded from as customers in the USA. It's the same .exe file (or Mac install file) from Australia to Brazil to Nigeria to the USA so it should be the exact same price. In USD or Euros. Stop ripping off non-Yanks! #1122
  80. (+195) Cut out the bloat. Adobe Reader is now over 100MB in size, whereas Apple's Preview is under 20MB. #1237
  81. (+193) Please make your international pricing fair. #548
  82. (+192) why can't I copy/paste formatted text from one of your expensive applications into another one of your expensive applications #461
  83. (+192) Why the fuck to you have to force this Stock Photo, Bridge crap on me? #290
  84. (+192) You're fucking expensive #754
  85. (+192) Name Flash Player and its version number updates correctly. What the fuck is for the April security update and for Flash Player 9 Update 3? From Flash Player 10, call it Flash Player 10.1, then 10.2 then 10.3. #1125
  86. (+191) Why are you charging me an extra £240 just because I’m in the UK? I love your software, but I hate that I’m paying 73% more than my colleagues in the US… #437
  87. (+190) Stop squeezing the content out of the Acrobat window! I want to read the document, not play with all your designer's latest gadgetry. Get out of my way, dammit! #182
  88. (+190) Mouse wheel. Learn what it is. #478
  89. (+189) please fix your updater #258
  90. (+189) you are really damn expensive #287
  91. (+189) Stop selling me suites. Or let me select programs for my suite. #473
  92. (+189) Stop price-gouging your international customers. #688
  93. (+189) Why can't the Flash plugin be fast on the Mac? #867
  94. (+189) please do a LIGHT acrobat reader (hint: foxit readerà #887
  95. (+188) Make your products cheaper... #1025
  96. (+187) Can you please save the history in my PSD files so I can come back to a project later and use the history brush? #627 / View Correction
  97. (+186) Do you think its smart to put the names of the developers up when the product is taking forever to load? #598
  98. (+186) You used to be so small and beautiful. Why did you bloat? #494
  99. (+186) Adobe updater is soooooo horrible. It NEVER works. It ALWAYS fails. I HATE IT. And you know this. You must know how bad it is. It is just that no one wants to work on it. Because it is so bad. Offer some kind of bonus to the team that fixes the dad gum friggin' adobe updater. Before it is too late. Cheers, Michael #865
  100. (+185) Let me change the opacity on multiple layers at once! #51 / View Correction
@$*!%# $@*&%!!1!
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