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Dear Adobe:

please don't ruin fireworks with your bloat, it's nearly perfect.

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Adobe says:

A lot of people voted for these two, but unfortunately, were not sure what exactly is meant by bloat and it is unlikely that everyone who voted for this one thinks that bloat means the same thing. Fireworks CS4 was the 9th release since the product debuted 10 years ago. Along the way, new features have been added with each release, and it has gotten bigger, in terms of the amount of code in the application, its footprint on disk and its footprint in RAM. Is this what you all meant by bloat? Or is it something else? We do work on keeping it lean, and did some good stuff in Fireworks CS4 we significantly improved vector rendering performance, reduced install time, application launch and re-launch time, and the next release has even more of this coming. If we missed your point, then please tell us what bloat means to you. (This form is also for reporting problems/issues. We may not reply, but we do read every one of them.)

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